I encourage Members to take the time to review these Amendments, a summary of which is provided below. 

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Amendment to Australian Rules of Racing  –  AR.178F
Following recent cases, the Chairman of Stewards Committee (COSC) believes that AR.178F needs to cover treatments such as shock wave, acupuncture, vaccinations and others rather than just administrations of substances. Furthermore, there is no time requirement in the rule for when treatments need to be recorded. The COSC believes that there is a need to amend AR.178F so that such treatments are recorded and that all records should be up to date on a daily basis.

Amendment to Australian Rules of Racing  –  AR.178C(1)(g)
The Executive Council of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) has approved the addition of a threshold level for free testosterone in blood plasma from geldings. This threshold level has been derived from international collaborative studies that included input from Australia. The threshold of 100 picograms per milliliter of free testosterone in gelding plasma has been recommended for inclusion in AR.178C(1)(g) by the ARB’s Veterinary and Analysts Committee (VAC). As conjugated testosterone is not an entity in plasma, AR.178C(1)(g) has been redrafted accordingly.


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