The Federal Executive of the Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) has appointed Mr Mervyn Hill with immediate effect to the newly created position of non-Executive Chairman.

ATA Federal President Robbie Griffiths said the appointment of Mr Hill was confirmed at the AGM held in Melbourne on Derby Eve.

The creation of the Chairman position was a key recommendation from the recent independent review of the ATA organization, operations and structure. The Review concluded the addition of an individual with appropriate competencies would greatly assist the organisation in the important areas of strategic policy development and direction, at both an internal and external level. Importantly, it would further allow the ATA to operate with a similar governance framework to other comparable modern day professional Associations.

Robbie Griffiths said Merv Hill had an outstanding CV and credentials for the position. “Merv Hill has had a long and distinguished career in the Australian racing industry in roles which include Chairman, Board Member and Chief Executive with Governing Bodies and Commercial Enterprises in a number of Australian states, including NSW, SA and WA. He has established an excellent network of contacts at the highest decision making level of Australian racing, making him an ideal appointment for the role.”

“The ATA Federal Executive is especially pleased to have attracted such a high calibre individual as Merv Hill to undertake this key role, at such a challenging time for the Australian racing industry and all of its stakeholders and participants”, Griffiths added.

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