Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) wishes to advise Trainers that the Ascot Racecourse pool repairs will take a further two months to complete, with the pool expected to be available for use in early October.

In late May, RWWA approved the grant application from Perth Racing for minor repairs to the pool at Ascot.

The pool was closed and emptied in June to allow works to commence, however on inspection of the pool it was obvious that the scope of repair works exceeded what was anticipated in the application.

Following this, engineers have completed the complex design work to replace the failing joint in the pool, with RWWA approving for these works to take place as soon as possible.

The high ground water level in the area has further complicated undertaking the work, with de-watering of the area around the pool required before the work can be carried out.

RWWA recognises the inconvenience of having the pool closed, and ensures the repairs being undertaken now are expected to guarantee the pool does not require any further substantial works for several years.

The project will take a further two months to complete, including time required for the repairs to cure before the pool is refilled.

Trainers can expect the pool to be available for use again in early October.