Following the commencement on May 12th of the upgrade from the 13 year old ViscoRide training track at Ascot to a Pro Ride state of the art synthetic surface, work is progressing ahead of schedule.

Stage 1 of the project involved removal of existing infrastructure, including the viscoride surface, aluminium rail and plinths. Despite above average rainfall in May this process was achieved within timelines.

Completion of this process exposed the diorite base which enabled further surveying of the base levels to install site markers, level pegs and drainage layout points.

Stage 2 of the project, the civil engineering, is currently well underway and is the most crucial process of the project.

This process involves re-levelling of the diorite base and installation of the sub surface profile drainage to ensure maximum consistency and performance of the Pro Ride surface in all weather conditions.

The drainage ring main, storage sumps and water exit drains from these sumps have been installed and the diorite surface is currently being re-levelled and shaped to provide a consistent camber over the entire track.

The final stage of the project is the installation of the Pro Ride drainage and surface on the track, plus plinths and rails for jockey safety.

This process will start in the coming week with the installation of the plinths either side of the track and placement of flat drainage cell on top of the diorite base.

These drainage cells connect with the already installed perimeter drain and are then covered by a 7mm size aggregate that ensures a high water drainage and removal rate in heavy rainfall conditions.

This process coincides with the overseas arrival of the Pro Ride synthetic fibre product and the start of the blending of these fibres with free draining sands.