Following postponement of the Ascot race meeting on Saturday due to an incident occurring during an exhibition track gallop after Race 4, that section of track was today inspected by senior industry representatives including RWWA Stewards, President of the WA Jockeys’ Association, President of the WA Racing Trainers’ Association and Perth Racing Officials.

Moisture readings immediately following the incident were within normal parameters and there had been no evidence of a pre-existing condition that would have caused the incident. Visually that section of track presented in a suitable condition and all of the four races held prior to the exhibition gallop were conducted without any issues being raised by riders regarding the condition of the track.

Perth Racing’s General Manager Racecourse and Facilities, Mr Cameron Sutherland advised that since Saturday remedial work had been undertaken on the racing pad in question, including aeration from the 800m to the winning post. The track was subject to a thorough inspection in order to ensure its safety prior to this morning’s track gallop.

President of the WAJA, Mr Craig Staples and Senior Jockey Mr Shaun Mc Gruddy proceeded under close supervision to gallop two horses over the section of track where LENIENCE slipped. Both horses worked solidly over the area of concern with no issues apparent. Both riders reported on return that the horses had galloped over the area without any signs of concern and in their view the track felt sound and safe with that section of the track in good condition overall. Both riders had no hesitation in confirming the suitability of the track to race.

A subsequent inspection of the area after the gallop indicated the hoof prints to be of standard appearance. The track gallop was conducted today after 4mm of rain falling on the previous evening. It was the unanimous view of all present that the track was in good order for racing and with the warm weather predicted for the lead up to Wednesday, there was no doubts expressed from anyone as to the meeting this Wednesday proceeding as programmed.

After observation of the track gallop and inspection of the track both prior to and following the gallop, Stewards were fully satisfied that the work undertaken by Perth Racing since Saturday has been effective in ensuring the track is safe for racing and accordingly issued approval for racing on Wednesday with the movable rail at the 18m position.

RWWA Stewards and Perth Racing will continue to monitor the track leading into Wednesday’s meeting, however no issues are expected to arise with the race meeting to proceed as planned.