Nick Carapellotti is a new name to WA training ranks, but he’s had a thorough grounding in racing.

Born in Canberra, Carapellotti first worked for Queanbeyan horseman, Frank Cleary and broadened his experience under James Cummings and Peter Moody.

The 29-year-old has always harboured an ambition to train in his own right and that turned to reality when he wandered across to Kalgoorlie.

Carapellotti realised his dream thanks largely to champion goldfields trainer Peter Fernie, who backed him in and took him under his wings.

With a wealth of experience and success over many years, there could not have been a better mentor and teacher for a young trainer to lean on.

But luckily for Carapellotti and one that he respects and recognizes; Fernie’s guidance was not just contained to horses and racing.

“I had to go through some challenges and Peter and his wife and the whole family just took me under their wings,” Carapellotti told The Races WA.

“I was going through some troubling times and they have been like family ever since, really.

“It’s not really something I want to broadcast, the people that know about it, know about it.

“I was just living a bit of a hooligan life, but I have come through it.

“I did a bit of work on myself and Peter and his family were there to help me through the next stages.

“If you do right by Peter he will do right by you and stick with you through thick and thin.”

Settled off the track and his life back in order, Carapellotti poured his energies into horses and in July, six months after being granted a license, he celebrated his first winner.

Six-year-old There’s A Chance proved too strong over the mile and backed it up with an even more impressive victory on Sunday when up to 1760m.

Fernie’s fingerprints were all over the win.

“Peter was good enough to pass on There’s A Chance,” Carapellotti said.

“He came from Dan and Ben Pearce and they tried to give it to him.

“Peter said I have a young fella here who is starting off so give him a crack.

“Hopefully that relationship continues because I just have him on lease.

“I will try and get my hands on a few more lease horses and do the same with them.”

Carapellotti has a team of four horses in work, headed by There’s A Chance.

Stable mate World Ruler is getting close after three placings.

All wins in racing are special, but Carapellotti says his first will forever hold fond memories.

“Honestly. it’s a day I will never forget,” Carapellotti said.

“It was a very emotional win.

“As a track rider I only ever dreamed of winning as a trainer.

“I did shed a tear.”

Julio Santarelli