Brisbane-based jockey Larry Cassidy is contemplating retirement following the latest scans on his troublesome knees.

Larry Cassidy is considering a career change in the near future. Photo: Brisbane Racing

Cassidy visited a specialist on Monday in the hope of being cleared to return to riding track work but left with the realisation that he may never return to the saddle.

“Unfortunately I have severe bone bruising and in my tibia there is possibly a hairline fracture as well and that was all just from walking around the block, about three and a half to four kilometres a day,” Cassidy told Sky Sports Radio.

“Now I’m back to square one. My medial meniscus is quite thin, there’s not much cushion in there and I have low bone density.

“So it will be another couple of months before I go back to see the surgeon again for another MRI.

“I’ve had many things go through my mind, especially over the last couple of weeks. I was really looking forward to getting back in the saddle and now it just seems to be slipping out of reach.”

Cassidy has been out of action since June of last year and the 42-time Group I winner said he is currently exploring the possibility of making a surprise transition to racing stewardship.

“Knowing my body so well, and most jockeys do, I think it will happen again so my body might just be telling me to take a new direction,” Cassidy said.

“Obviously I’d like to stay in the racing game, I’ve always thought I’d like to be a steward after I finish riding so I’ll probably take that direction.

“If I was to become a steward, my aim would be to become a chief steward.”

Only last November Cassidy’s older brother Jim called time on his riding career which ended with a total of 104 Group I wins.