RWWA Stewards today continued the adjourned inquiry into a report received from RWWA Principal Investigator, Mr P O’Reilly regarding the condition of three (3) thoroughbred racehorses namely FORYOUANDME, POWERNETTO and GOD ALMIGHTY which were all located at an agistment property under the control of Trainer Vaughan Sigley situated at Lot 3 Old Mandurah Road, Ravenswood on Tuesday,14 April 2015.
At the previous sitting of the inquiry on Friday, 26 June 2015 Mr Sigley was charged with the following three (3) offences:

1. Under AR175(o)(iii) for failing to provide veterinary treatment for FORYOUANDME which was found to be showing signs of soreness in the off fore hoof when inspected by Dr Medd on Tuesday, 19 May 2015.
2. Under AR175(k) for negligence in breaching LR80I in that he was negligent in failing to make application to register an employee assisting him in the care of racehorses.
3. Under AR175(o)(iv) for failing to provide proper and sufficient nutrition to three (3) thoroughbred racehorses over a period of time prior to RWWA Stewards attending the above address on Tuesday, 14 April 2015.
Mr Sigley pleaded guilty to charges 1 and 2 and the inquiry was adjourned to allow him to seek legal advice prior to entering his plea in relation to charge 3.
Mr Sigley subsequently pleaded not guilty to charge 3 and after talking further evidence from him and a current stable employee the inquiry was adjourned to a time and date to be arranged to allow Stewards to question another person who was previously employed by him at the above property.

Brad Lewis
Chief Steward Thoroughbreds