With just over a month before the 2023-24 racing season reaches a crescendo, Natasha Faithfull has another goal she would love to tick off.

Faithfull is bearing down on a personal milestone and barring injury or suspension, the diminutive jockey is tantalisingly close to her objective.

Faithfull is two wins away from equalling her best season in the saddle after bursting through the century landmark for the second time in her career.

Faithfull sits on 101 wins in Western Australia with only William Pike, Chris Parnham and Clint Johnston-Porter in front of her in the premiership race.

A 13-year veteran, Faithfull chalked up her 101st win at Kalgoorlie on Sunday, her tally boosted after riding four winners at Port Hedland a day earlier.

Justifiably proud of her successes, Faithful said it’s been a satisfying season, but there’s one more personal benchmark that she’s striving to reach.

“I set some personal goals at the beginning of the season,” Faithfull said to The Races WA.

“I wanted to ride a 105 winners, to get past 103, pay my house off and run 10km.

“I’ve paid my house off and I’m close to 10km, not quite there yet and hopefully I can get to 105 winners.

“I’m really enjoying it, really enjoying my riding.”

Like any professional athlete, Faithful searches at ways of improving her craft; to find an edge that can set her apart from her contemporaries.

Small in stature and light in weight, Faithfull identified physical and strength qualities as areas that required refining and improvement.

It’s paid off in droves as Faithfull credits an improved fitness regime as being instrumental and playing a pivotal role in her successful season.

“I got a personal trainer,” Faithfull said.

“I wanted to put on weight, unlike what most jockeys do.

“I want to build up a bit more muscle.

“I’m obviously super light and walk around at 45kg.

“I’ve put on a kilo which doesn’t sound much, but I feel a difference.

“I feel super fit, super strong and doing a lot of running.

“I’ve never run in my life before.

“I’ve kept myself pretty fit.”

Aside from her technical ability as a rider, Faithfull is nationally recognised as one of the hardest-working jockeys going around, matched only by her courage in the saddle.

She’s been involved in multiple accidents, the most serious four years ago when a horse she was riding in beach work at Albany got spooked and fell on top of her.

Just a few weeks ago she was put out of action for 12 days after falling from Captain Crocket at Port Hedland.

Faithfull says the next step is to translate outer metropolitan wins to the city.

Faithfull sailed past her century after collecting  70 provincial wins, 25 in the country and six in Perth.

Faithfull is determined to make her presence felt in the top echelon of Perth riders.

“I just want to be the best that I can be,” Faithfull said.

“It’s disappointing when you get taken off for better jockeys and you sort of get let down.

“I’m really hard on myself and am my toughest critic.

“If I get beat on someone I feel I’m not strong enough and get really disappointed in myself.

“I’m trying to eliminate that as much as possible and I feel like my physical work has helped.

With a string of wins to choose from, Faithfull said her most gratifying victory came last February when she gave The Spruiker a rails-hugging ride at Ascot.

“He wasn’t like in the market or anything,” Faithfull said.

“I put the whip in my left hand which is something I’ve worked really hard at.

“I haven’t perfected it, but I’m not far off.”

Julio Santarelli