Jockey Natasha Faithfull has set her sights on a November return, hoping to ride and compete again, nearly a year since a shocking accident nearly killed her.

In January Faithfull was left with multiple fractures, collapsed lungs and a lacerated liver after a horse she was working on the beach at Albany rolled back on top of her.

Faithfull had to be stabilised before she was flown to Perth by the Royal Flying Doctors Service where she was placed in intensive care at Royal Perth Hospital.

However; after eight months of exhaustive rehabilitation, Faithfull can see light at the end of the tunnel and is on the verge of making a courageous comeback.

The resilient rider is making a determined bid to be back riding on her home track when the 2019-20 Albany racing season kicks off later this year.

“I’m over most of my injuries except my shoulder, which I broke in two places,” Faithfull told The Races WA.

“I had to have a plate inserted and that has taken time to heal and has delayed my comeback.

“For the past four weeks I have been doing a lot of physio and the next step will be light weights.

“My goal in the next month is to do some light track work and build my fitness base.

“Apart from the shoulder I am over the other injuries and feel good physically.

“The last couple of months with the shoulder has been frustrating.

“I’m itching to get back and my goal is to be back for the start of the Albany season.”

The news is not as positive for experienced jockey Glenn Smith.

The Bunbury-based jockey is battling a back injury and has not ridden since May.

“I have two bulged discs that are touching a nerve,” Smith said.

“I had an epidural three weeks ago and it hasn’t improved.

“I had a nerve root sleeve injection this week and that hasn’t helped.

“I’m not sure when I will be back at the moment.

“I see the doctor on Friday and might learn more then.”

Julio Santarelli