**Trainers Be Aware**

Trainers and stable managers need to be aware of fraudulent activity that has impacted stables in recent days. Emails purported to be from regular suppliers such as farriers and pre trainers, requesting payment of seemingly legitimate accounts with NEW or changed bank account numbers have been received and acted upon by at least one large training operation.

It is unclear whether the trainer’s emails have been intercepted and fraudulent invoices have been created or whether legitimate invoices from suppliers have themselves been intercepted before being re birthed.

Therefore WARTA advise that trainers and account managers clarify by phone all new or changed invoice payment details before transferring any funds to any supplier, regular or not. Where trainers are managing owner’s stakes distribution, follow similar precautions.

Should trainers suspect they may have been inadvertently subject to this type of scam, they should contact the suppliers directly in the first instance and then alert their own bank or financial institution.

You can also receive further advise by visiting ww.scamnet.wa.gov.au or contacting Consumer Protection on 1300 30 40 54.


Warwick Bradshaw
Executive Officer