Like scores of previous jockeys Kyra Yuill has experienced the ups and downs and changing fortunes of thoroughbred racing.

Yuill has been through it all, from champion apprentice with the racing world at her feet to becoming the first female rider to win the coveted Perth Cup.

But there have also been the emotional lows including the transition from apprentice to senior jockey which has been a tough hurdle to overcome.

Opportunities from leading trainers diminished, riding better performed horses became less frequent and ultimately the wins, by which she is judged by, dried up.

But Yuill’s determination and work ethic have shone through and her preparedness to travel in search of rides in recent months has won her accolades.

She has frequently visited regional venues and with wins at Bunbury, Albany, York and Kalgoorlie, her pride and confidence was restored.

Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed and led to an unexpected bid from leading Broome trainer, Rob Gulberti, who went in search of her services.

Although reluctant to leave the comforts of her home in Bunbury and the opportunity of city rides in Perth, Yuill accepted the offer but with a twist.

Rather than flying in for each meeting, Yuill pledged to set up base in Broome for the entire season.

“I didn’t think I would do it to be honest,” said Yuill.

“It was going to be the longest time away from my family.

“I’m very close to them but dad said to give it a try and go.

“Once I decided I wasn’t going to back away from my commitment to Gully (Gulberti).

“I am set up with a fantastic stable and I get looked after amazingly well.

“I have no regrets and I’m so glad I did it.

“I’ve loved every moment of it.”

Yuill and Gulberti have formed a potent combination in Broome this season with the pair in line to take out the trainer and jockey premierships.

They have combined for eight wins and have also taken out the Derby Cup (1800m) and Port Hedland Cup (2100m) with Galaxon.

Yuill said her stint in Broome has been a major boost and could play a pivotal role in reigniting her career.

“I feel like I am riding stronger than ever,” said Yuill.

“Races feel like they are falling into play.

“It doesn’t feel like I am trying too hard and the results are coming.

“It’s great to have the stock and a fantastic trainer behind me, but I’m happy with how my riding is going.”

Yuill doesn’t believe in making long term plans but she is almost certain to return to Broome next year.

“I would definitely jump at the opportunity of coming back,” said Yuill.

“But you never know what can happen in the future and if you are going to get a good horse.

“I can’t plan 12 months ahead but I have loved every bit of my time here as everyone said I would.”

Yuill and Gulberti are on the cusp of ending their successful association on a spectacular high by taking out the Broome Cup (2200m) on Saturday.

The stable has four nominations: Gladstone, Galaxon, Desert Glow and Hollywoodland with Yuill yet to finalise her mount.

Julio Santarelli