It may have been a low key win in Carnarvon but for Grant Lemos he is hoping it’s the spark that reignites his riding career.

Lemos, who led throughout on in-form gelding Tindal, is on the comeback trail after a long-term disqualification.

“I can’t really describe how I felt when I crossed the line other than to say it felt like I had won the Melbourne Cup,” said Lemos.

“It’s been a hard three-year slog and I have endured a lot of struggles along the way but it feels incredibly fulfilling.

“I never thought I would be back riding let alone ride a winner.”

The struggles Lemos speaks of is an ill-timed injury setback and the constant battle to keep his riding weight in check.

“My aim was to come back for the opening meeting of the season in May but I fractured my foot a few weeks out,” said Lemos.

“Despite the setback I was determined to get back which in hindsight was a mistake and far too rushed.

“I struggled to make weight and was so dehydrated wasting I had to be taken to hospital and placed on a drip.”

Lemos admits his comeback has taken a physical and emotional toll but it has only strengthened his resolve and love of racing.

“It’s my life and what I live and breathe,” said Lemos.

“I don’t know of anything else.

“Sitting on the sidelines gave me a lot of time to think about my future.

“I’m determined to make every post a winner.”

Lemos has found an equine winner in the form of former New South Wales Listed champion, Tindall, prepared by Jo-Anne Leeson.

The eight-year-old is unbeaten at Carnarvon; Saturday’s dominant front-running display stretching his winning sequence to four.

“He is a nice horse who will probably win Carnarvon Horse of the Year,” said Lemos.

“He is just a joy to ride.

“I’m grateful to Jo and the owners for their faith and giving me the opportunity to ride him.”