If Jayson Hines has his way he’ll be winning a lot more races before his training career is over, but few wins will mean as much to him personally than the victory of Lifeisbutadream.

Hines celebrated his first training victory and realised a lifelong obsession at Northam last week after Lifeisbutadream saluted and won as the short-priced favourite.

It was a moment to relish for Hines who for as long as he can remember has only ever wanted to work with horses and continue a proud family tradition.

At present Hines has a team of one and although his days are packed with part time work and university studies, involvement in racing is his true love.

Driving Hines’ passion and nurturing his adoration of horses has been his father, David, a former trainer of repute and with his son a part-owner of Lifeisbutadream.

If not for his dad’s optimism and full-blooded support, Hines is certain that pursuing his racing dream would have been a whole lot harder and perhaps just a fantasy.

“My dad was a trainer 30 years ago and I sort of wanted to follow in his footsteps,” Hines said to The Races WA.

“He was the principal reason why I wanted to become a trainer and has been the biggest influence in my life.

“He was a standardbred trainer in Victoria and had good success and my grandad also trained and bred standardbreds as well.

“It’s a bit different training standardbreds to thoroughbreds, but I’ve leaned on dad’s advice.

“He’s my idol and to share the win with him is so special.

“He’s always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

“You might not get many connections with people in life, but I’m so lucky to have my dad and that connection.

“To share it with him is so important.”

Lifeisbutadream will go down in the record books as Hine’s first winner, but in reality, for a young trainer in a competitive and sometimes challenging industry, it’s more than that.

Hines took a chance on the Astern filly and she’s paid him back in droves.

Hines bought Lifeisbutadream as a yearling, did all her education and rides her in track work.

The bond between trainer and horse is indelible.

“She’s not perfect with a lump on her back hock, but it didn’t steer me away,” Hines said.

“As long as a horse can breathe and they have the mindset anything can happen.

“She’s the most special horse I have ever encountered.

“I can’t leave her in the stalls on race day because she starts shaking.

“She’s wondering where I am and I have to stay with her the whole time.

“I have a connection with her and she has a connection with me.”

In two years since being granted his license, Hines is very much a one man operation, but there has been a wealth of experience that’s shaped his journey..

“I did a lot of work with Jim Taylor and learned a number of skills,” Hines said.

“I then worked with Todd and Rob Harvey and they both pushed me to get my track work license which I didn’t think about.

“I couldn’t ride a horse five years ago and went and learnt from Ingrid Crawshank and Carol Warwick.

“They taught me the riding skills I needed to know.

“I also owe a lot of credit to Paula Wagg; she’s been vital and such a rock.”

Lifeisbutadream might just be more than a sentimental racing story.

She came close to winning at her second race start at Ascot before breaking through at Northam as the $1.40 hot shot.

The wait for win number two might not be too far off for Hines.

“She used to be trained out of a paddock but since moving to Paula’s Ascot stable it’s the best thing that could have happened,” Hines said.

“I’m tossing up whether to take her back to Northam or three weeks to Belmont.

“I’ll just take her through her grades and go from there.”

Lifeisbutadream: an equine filly with ability and a fantasy come true for her devoted trainer.

Julio Santarelli