Luciani Lets Rip


Western Australian training icon, Lou Luciani yesterday took a not so veiled swipe at users of social media and the main stream media regarding the treatment of some of this states apprentice riders have been receiving in those arenas.

Luciani, long regarded as one of the state’s most astute tacticians and a passionate advocate of the sport, left Sky Central’s and TAB radio’s Gareth Hall and viewers nationwide in no doubt as to his thoughts of the criticism often metered out on young riders by the ‘faceless men’ on social media without taking into consideration the relative inexperience of some of our junior riders.

Louie’s comments came following the win on Wednesday of Cuanzo in the Magic Millions Hcp, when ridden by claiming apprentice Fiona Bell and come off the back of some fairly vicious criticism of Bell and several other young riders on social media in particular, in recent times.

The WA Racing Trainers Association has recently written to RWWA, concerned that the activity on twitter and other platforms had got to a point that was beyond an acceptable level of behaviour and that as an industry we needed to take steps to protect all participants from these types of cowardly attacks. WARTA have suggested that RWWA as the PRA, and as a community leader has a responsibility to take steps educate, advocate and where necessary take action against industry participants and licenced personnel who abuse their access to our industry by making personal attacks on individuals whilst hiding under the protection of anonymity.

RWWA to their credit, have indicated the intention to run not only an education program for social media users but also for riders, trainers and their own people, addressing behavioural change, etiquette and coping mechanisms where an industry member has been subject to media bullying.

WARTA understand that as a sport, racing is subject to all the natural scrutiny of mainstream media and its fans and that this should be embraced, but there is a standard of behaviour that must be adhered to by all of us. We look forward to RWWA’s education program.

**Watch the Luciani interview below