Rosie Mahony has the fire in the belly again and she’s hungry for more success.

Mahony’s win on Sir Snugalot at Albany last week validated her decision to have a second crack at rebuilding her riding career.

The 23-year-old apprentice took a break for most of the 2022 racing year in order to rediscover her passion and love of riding.

Mahony cited weight problems and the daily physical and mental grind of racing as reasons why she had to step away from the sport.

The rigours and demands of racing had taken a toll and she fell into a form slump, requiring a total freshen-up and a new perspective.

“It was a bit too much for me at the time,” Mahony told The Races WA.

“I was struggling with my weight a little bit and I couldn’t find a way to deal with it healthily.

“I was getting tired all the time and fatigued.

“I don’t think I was going as well as I wanted and I thought I would take a break.

“I got to a point where I didn’t want to be out there anymore.”

Mahony lost touch with competitive racing, but continued to ride regular track work for Perth trainer, Tiarnna Roberston.

Mahony said it was Robertson’s crucial support and backing that helped rekindle her desire to recommence riding

“She said one day what are you doing with yourself,” Mahony said.

“You are too good to be just a track work rider, your weight’s better, give it another go.

“I think I would have eventually come back, but she definitely kicked me into another gear.

“Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else, someone who has a bit of confidence in you.

“It’s hard to be confident in yourself when you are not going that good.”

Mahony says she is back doing what she loves best and has a smile back on her face again.

After commencing her apprenticeship under top horseman, Jim Taylor, she’s made the move to Albany and linked up with Steve Wolfe.

Her confidence restored, she’s determined to capitalise on her opportunities with Wolfe, a mainstay of Great Southern and Perth racing for decades.

“I love it in Albany, it’s a really nice easy going lifestyle,” Mahony said.

“And Wolfey (Steve) is great, he’s probably one of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

“He’s given me a lot of opportunities and put me on some really nice horses.

“The fact that Sir Snugalot was able to win was just awesome.

“It’s a happy and healthy environment and my heads in the right spot this time.”

Julio Santarelli