We are delighted to announce Marjorie Charleson’s posthumous induction into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame Roll of Honour for 2022. Marjorie was a trailblazer. Devoting her life to WA racing, she paved the way for women in marketing, public relations, media and the promotion of sports whilst also being recognised as an actress, film maker, publisher and editor.

The Women’s Hall of Fame is a forum to recognise and celebrate women like Marjorie and their contributions to our great state. Powerful role models for future generations, these women either have, or continue to motivate and advocate for those in need and encourage everyone within our community to strive for excellence.

Extremely passionate about women in racing, Marjorie spoke out publicly as an advocate for the women she mentored within the industry and attracted global attention for her efforts.

A major contributor in creating the ‘Golden Era of Perth Racing’ in the 1970s and 1980s, Marjorie used her talents to lure not only Australia’s best horses, trainers and jockeys to Perth in search of the rich prizemoney on offer but also encourage champion international riders such as Lester Piggott, Gianfranco Dettori, Willie Carson and Steve Cauthen to make appearances during this time.

The Women’s Hall of Fame acknowledged Marjorie’s many accomplishments. On the track, she initiated the Powder Puff Derby for amateur female riders, which became the forerunner to woman becoming professional jockeys, while off the track she introduced fashions on the field to the social enthusiasts of the Perth racing scene.

In 2000, Marjorie took over Racing West magazine, later relaunching as Racebreed Australia and, as the editor, engaged with top writers across the country to build her magazine into a must-read for the WA racing community.  She also enjoyed a global following with racing supporters subscribing from New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore to name a few.

Marjorie Charleson’s influence in racing and small business in Western Australia continues to be seen today and we will forever admire her strength and commitment to empowering women right through to her 80s. In August 2020, she passed away at age 88.