Forum: Making Sense of Anxiety, Depression and Suicide

[You might not be suffering … but this stuff is rife amongst your friends and family]


Tuesday 3 May 6.00 – 7.30pm

Ascot racecourse


This Forum is supported by the:

  • WA Racing Trainers Association
  • Perth Racing
  • RWWA [to be confirmed]
  • Racing Assist – Industry mental health support group [to be confirmed]


Peter Symons [20min]:                  


Author of: Brain-Fuel Depletion –

Making Sense of Anxiety and Depression


The Hon Andrew Robb AO; past Minister for Trade/author of Black Dog Daze; said:

“My sincere thanks for this truly excellent book. I was so impressed by the simple, intuitive and non-confronting explanation of such a complex condition.”


Fred Kersley read the book, and said:

“Every trainer should read this book.”


Lou Luciani [5min]:


Follow-Up on his ‘R U OK’ video presentation


David Harrison [5min]:


A Personal Story


Kim Mercer [15-20min] – clinical psychologist with expertise in sport [racing/football]:


What the Future holds in Mental Health


Racing Assist [10 min]- RWWA’s free Mental Health Support Service [to be confirmed]:


How we help people in the industry; Programs available


Panel Discussion [30 min]