Former jockey Misty Bazeley is still coming to terms she will never ride again, but courtesy of Eeyore Wayz, she is enjoying a resurgence as a trainer.

In the space of a fortnight Bazeley has landed top prize twice with Eeyore Wayz, including her first Saturday success at Belmont last weekend.

It’s a much-needed professional and personal boost for Bazeley, who has endured her fair share of adversity since a race fall at Geraldton four years ago.

Bazeley suffered bleeding on the brain in the accident, but the biggest shock came when she was diagnosed with epilepsy, ruling out any thoughts of a return to riding.

Bazeley said her transition to training has not been easy, but the success she has enjoyed over the past two weeks, has given her confidence a big lift.

“It’s still a bit surreal,” Bazeley said.

“There is a lot of stuff going on, even now after my fall and all of that.

“But just being able to get somewhere, I feel like even in the past 12-months with a lot of the horses I know they are going to get there.

“It’s just taking the time, it’s like are we ever going to get there, are we going to get there.

“Then the last two weeks it’s like we are here, I’ve made it.

“And that’s a confidence booster for me.

“I’m hoping it can give a bit of confidence in my other owners that I’ve got as well.

“I’ve got a lot of horses coming up that will hopefully keep me ticking over for a bit.”

Bazeley and Eeyore Wayz are forming a productive relationship at the races, three wins and a third from six starts, but there teaming up came about by chance.

Bazeley can thank her husband Aaron Bazeley’s friendship with Raquel Reid, who oversaw Eeyore Wayz’ early education, in landing her stable star.

“I didn’t know Raquel, she was friends with Baze (Aaron),” Bazeley said.

“They hadn’t been in contact for years, but on Facebook it sparked up again.

“I then started riding track work for her and she agistered horses at our property where we have a lot of room for horses.

“Donkey (Eeyore Wayz) just happened to be one of them.

“She (Raquel) said do you want to have a go with him and it went from there.

“She had the confidence in me to get the horse to this point.”

Eeyore Wayz is enjoying a break out campaign and starting to fulfil his promise, but it was jockey, Clint Johnston-Porter, the four-year-old’s regular rider, that identified his budding promise.

“At his last start at his previous prep at Bunbury we sat down and had a chat,” Bazeley said.

“He said then it was a good horse.

“I know he is excited about the horse as well.

“It’s good and he can only go higher from here.”

Julio Santarelli