Trainer Peter Moody has made a spirited defence of his stable in the wake of charges laid earlier this week regarding the administration of a prohibited substance.

Speaking on Radio RSN, Moody said he will be fighting the charges.

“I’m extremely confident of defeating all charges because I know there is no evidence against me on that front, I was very disappointed to be charged” Moody said.

“I know it’s not possible for anyone to gain any evidence against me because I’ve never administered cobalt against a horse, I’ve never asked anyone to do it on my part.”

Moody did say the charges against him have had an effect on his business.

“Unfortunately some of the syndicators I train for have mentioned over the last weekend, since it was reported again on Saturday morning, that people have walked away from their syndications, which is very disappointing,” Moody said

“The bulk of my stable and clients that have been with me for a long time, they know me and they know the way I run my business.

“It’s probably more new people that maybe don’t know me, don’t understand me and are new to my operation, and that’s very sad.

“I wish they had the opportunity to understand how hard I worked and how successful a team we’ve been.”

Moody said he felt he had been presented poorly in certain sections of the media.

“Some of the people in that marketplace (syndication) probably don’t understand,” Moody said.

“They pick up the paper Saturday and say, ‘I was going to buy a share in that bloke’s horse but he’s a cheat so I’ll walk away’ I don’t need to cheat, to have your name muddied is very hurtful.

“That’s very unfortunate and very sad, but that’s the way I’ve been portrayed in the press and let’s hope most of them can get over it and move on. When I beat these charges I’ll remember the muck raking that has been done.

“I’ve worked bloody hard to promote racing and to see your name on the front page of the paper and called a cheat is really hurtful.”

Moody is the fourth Victorian trainer to be charged over use of cobalt chloride following Lee and Shannon Hope, Danny O’Brien and Mark Kavanagh.

The four-time Victorian premiership winner said he is not contemplating taking a backward step.

“We’ve just had our 200th winner for the season, doing a bloody good job and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year. Great credit to my staff and big thanks to my owners,” Moody said.