Sarah Moody, the wife of suspended trainer Peter Moody, became the latest to be fined for making disparaging comments about Racing Victoria’s integrity department on social media.

Sarah Moody (rear) after her husband Peter won a Group I on his last night of training. Photo: Darryl Sherer

Stewards charged Mrs Moody with posting offensive material on a social media platform after she tweeted that the Racing Victoria integrity department and chief steward Terry Bailey were good subjects for a telemovie series.

“Underbailey TVMovie coming soon The rise& eventual fall of an out of control, no questions answered integrity department, Deception at Epsom,” Mrs Moody tweeted on May 10.

Mrs Moody, the registered owner of a significant number of horses, appeared at a Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board hearing on Tuesday, where she pleaded not guilty to the charge but was fined $1500.

The RAD Board, chaired by Judge John Bowman, also ordered Mrs Moody remove the offending tweet from her Twitter feed.