• As of 1st August 2014 the Rules of Racing (AR64J and AR64JA) make it compulsory for notification to be lodged upon the retirement or death of a racehorse.
  • A ‘Retirement of Racehorse Or Death Notification Form’ must be lodged with Racing Australia within one month of a horse’s retirement from racing.
  • It is the Managing Owner’s responsibility to ensure this form is completed and forwarded to Racing Australia.
  • Trainers are reminded of their duty to also lodge a stable return within 24 hours of a horse entering or leaving their stable.
  • Failure to comply with the provisions of this rule may result in penalties.

If you are the managing owner of a retiring racehorse it is your responsibility to complete the retirement of racehorse or death notification form and forward it to racing Australia within one month of your horse retiring.

Forms can be found on the Racing Australia website  http://racingaustralia.horse/ROR/Forms.aspx

For more information please contact:

Sharon Joyce
Equine Welfare Officer

9445 5146 or 0438 746 487