They are renowned for their courage and determination out on the race track, but for some jockey’s it’s when they are away from the saddle that they face their toughest battles.

However, Perth hoop, Lucas Camilleri, has taken a philosophical approach to his injury absence after copping shoulder and neck injuries in a race fall at Ascot last November.

Camilleri, who has not ridden since the 2016 New Year’s Eve meeting at Ascot, said time away from the saddle has reignited his passion and interest in racing.

“As much as this is the time you don’t want to be out, it’s a busy time for me and I thought I was riding in a little bit of form, but aside from that I have tried to mentally refreshen,”
Camilleri said on The Sports Daily.

“To be honest I have only watched a handful of races since I have been out, with the school holidays I have been able to spend a bit of time with the kids and it’s been a while since I have been able to do that.

“I think it’s important to do it because there is no off season in racing, it’s 24 seven and I’m trying to look at the upside of the injury and use the time to get myself back up mentally and get in a position to stick my head down and bum up when I get back.

“Things change with a family and you look at things a little differently, but I think removing myself from it (racing) has helped a bit.

“When you are young you get a bit frustrated and it’s pretty tough to handle, but as you get older you learn it’s part of the game and you have to get over it and suck it up a bit.”

Camilleri is hoping to be back in the saddle sooner rather than later, but his immediate future will be determined by doctors, an arm injury his biggest concern.

“I can’t put a time frame on it at this time and it could be anything from three to six months all up,” Camilleri said.

“They were talking about surgery on my bicep tendon that was spilt, but they didn’t think it was worth doing.

“I’m currently on full rest and will see the doctor in about a month and then we will revaluate again at the time.”

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