RWWA Stewards conducted a preseason inspection of the Port Hedland Turf Club

earlier today. Following the last Port Hedland meeting, the Race Club was directed by

Stewards to address a number of important occupational health and safety matters

before the venue could be approved for racing in 2015.

Despite earlier advice from the Club that these matters had been addressed, Stewards

found at today’s inspection that very little work has been completed. Accordingly, the

venue is unable to be approved for racing and the opening meeting of the Port Hedland

season scheduled for Saturday 16 May 2015 is cancelled. RWWA will again inspect the

track ahead of the Club’s subsequent meeting on Sunday 31 May 2015.

An approach was made to NorWest Jockey (Roebourne) to conduct the meeting on 16

May, however the Club has advised it is unable to be ready to race by this date.

Roebourne will be requested to be available as a contingency in case Port Hedland is

still not available for their second scheduled meeting.

Manager Thoroughbred Racing David Hunter said “it is extremely disappointing that

the Port Hedland Turf Club has left Trainers and Owners who support their Club in this


“Both Stewards and myself had spoken to the Port Hedland Turf Club in recent months

and we were assured matters raised in the end of season report had been addressed.

Regrettably for our stakeholders, Stewards found today that this is not the case.”