Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) advises that due to extreme hot weather forecasts, the following changes have been applied:

  • The race meeting scheduled for Pinjarra Park on Boxing Day (26/12) has been moved to Wednesday (29/12).
  • The barrier trials scheduled for Lark Hill on Wednesday (29/12) will now be held on Friday (31/12)
  • The greyhound race meeting scheduled for Cannington on Boxing Day (26/12) has been moved to Mandurah where the forecast is cooler.
  • The start times for Gloucester Park on Friday (24/12) have been scheduled as follows:
    • Race 1: 5.07pm
    • Race 2: 5.27pm
    • Race 3: 5.49pm
    • Race 4: 6.13pm
    • Race 5: 6.37pm
    • Race 6: 6.57pm
    • Race 7: 7.20pm
    • Race 8: 7.45pm
    • Race 9: 8.10pm
    • Race 10: 8.35pm

The safety and welfare of racing animals and industry participants is of paramount concern and RWWA has well established hot weather policies that ensure the proper management of extreme weather conditions.

Stewards closely monitor weather conditions and will implement RWWA’s hot weather policies as required at race meetings, including limiting the time participants and animals are exposed to the sun by shorter parade times and other changes to standard procedures designed to lessen exposure.