RWWA Maintains World Class Standards in Integrity


Racing and Wagering Western Australia’s (RWWA) Integrity Department have today released its end of year report for 2016/17, showcasing its capacity to maintain its world class standards in integrity.

The report provides Key Performance Indicators in relation to the integrity management of the Western Australian racing industry, highlighting RWWA’s commitment to the integrity and transparency of racing.

In 2016/17, RWWA successfully met its target numbers and objectives across all three codes of racing in relation to levels of testing for prohibited substances. This was achieved through RWWA’s strong investment of $1.2M in analytical services.

A significant decrease in the total number of positive swabs was also seen for the year, despite commensurate numbers of samples being taken, with only two recorded across all codes from a total of 9,247 swabs. This means that 99.5% of all swabs in Western Australia are negative from an extensive sampling regime reflecting positively on the overarching goal that there is no use of prohibited substances in racing.

“RWWA maintains one of the highest rates of testing in Australia and the rates of positive results continue to be well below that of other commensurate jurisdictions. The scope of sampling combined with a strong approach to penalties for breaches of associated rules is central to maintaining these good records,” said General Manager Racing Integrity, Denis Borovica.

The functions of the Major Inquiries panel, comprised of the most senior and experienced stewards that deliberate on significant matters, continues to serve RWWA well in terms of maintaining a stern and consistent approach to serious breaches of the Rules of Racing with comparatively very few matters subject of appeal (with only a small number being significantly altered following appeal).

An increase in non-race day inspections and surveillance, as well as the use of new and enhanced race day vision technologies, have also heavily contributed to the overall improvement in integrity figures of the Western Australian racing industry.

The objective of RWWA’s Racing Integrity Division is to maintain a level playing field for racing participants through the promotion of integrity, ethics and fair play with a view of preventing all methods or practices that might jeopardise the integrity of racing.

“RWWA is currently well advanced in the execution of its Integrity Strategic Plan to deliver the highest levels of confidence in the integrity of Western Australian racing product, through the application of modern and effective approaches to stewarding and industry regulation,” said Borovica.

The full KPI report is attached.