Thoroughbred – Conclusion of Stewards’ Inquiry – regarding the reason for TRADE DOWN (Patrick Carbery) falling at Belmont Park Racecourse on Saturday, 6 September 2014

RWWA Stewards today concluded the adjourned Inquiry into the reason for TRADE DOWN (P. Carbery) falling near the 175m in Race 3 the Barony’s 40

th Birthday Handicap run over 1600m held at Belmont Park Racecourse on Saturday, 6 September 2014.

Evidence was taken from Jockeys’ Patrick Carbery (EXCELLENTLY), William Pike (YOUNG LIONEL) and Troy Turner (BRADFORD BADBOY). As Jockey Lucas Camilleri was indisposed and unable to be present at today’s inquiry, evidence was submitted via a voice recording taken from him on Wednesday, 10 September 2014.

After hearing all evidence presented at today’s inquiry and reviewing Stewards patrol films, a number of contributing factors were identified as listed below:

1. Jockey L. Camilleri (EXCELLENTLY) shifted outwards marginally leading into the incident resulting in Jockey W. Pike (YOUNG LIONEL) being pressured outwards marginally causing him to race tightly and make slight contact with TRADE DOWN.

2. When a run was presented Jockey P. Carbery placed his mount between BRADFORD BADBOY and THE ALLEGED (Lucy Warwick) and when improving fully to the inside of BRADFORD BADBOY’s heels, his mount became crowded when BRADFORD BADBOY lay inwards when being corrected after initially laying outwards and brushing with Jockey S. Mc Gruddy (PASEO DEL PRADO).

3. BRADFORD BADBOY lay inwards marginally under hard riding.

After considering all factors and hearing all evidence, Stewards could not hold any one rider both partially or fully at fault and believe the above contributing factors played a role in TRADE DOWN clipping the heels of BRADFORD BADBOY and falling.

Stewards advised Jockey Carbery to ensure that at all times he has sufficient room when improving his position in future. Further Jockeys T. Turner and L. Camilleri were advised that they are expected to maintain a straight course and correct their mounts when shifting ground in similar circumstances.

Media Contact:

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