Thoroughbred – Stewards Inquiry – STEP RIGHT UP (Trainer Mr Hec McLaren)

RWWA Stewards today concluded an inquiry into a report received from the ChemCentre in Perth, that oxyphenbutazone (a metabolite of phenylbutazone) was detected in the urine sample taken from STEP RIGHT UP after winning Race 6, the Perth Racing Become A Member Today Handicap over 1400m at Belmont Racecourse on Saturday, 4 October 2014.

This finding has been verified by the Racing Science Centre (Qld).

Evidence was taken from the Trainer of STEP RIGHT UP, Mr Hec McLaren, RWWA Principal Investigator Mr Phil O’Reilly, ChemCentre Analyst Mr James White and RWWA Industry Veterinarian Dr Judith Medd.

Trainer Mr Hec McLaren subsequently pleaded guilty to the following charges;

Charge 1 – AR.178 for bringing STEP RIGHT UP to Belmont Racecourse to compete in the above race with the prohibited substance oxyphenbutazone being detected in the post race urine sample taken from the gelding.

Charge 2 – AR.178F for failing to keep a record of the treatment of phenylbutazone administered to STEP RIGHT UP.

In considering penalty Stewards took into account the following factors;

The seriousness of the charge in relation to AR.178.

The prohibited substance is classed as an anti-inflammatory / therapeutic and the level detected.

His guilty plea, co-operation throughout the inquiry and personal circumstances.

His prior record which showed a previous offence under AR.178 in May 2001.

In regard to Charge 1 under AR.178, Mr McLaren was fined the sum of $6,000.

For Charge 2 under AR.178F, Mr McLaren was fined the sum of $500.

Acting under the provisions of AR.177, STEP RIGHT UP was disqualified as the winner of the above race with the placings amended accordingly.

Media Contact: Brad Lewis- Chief Steward Thoroughbreds Ph: 9445 5420