Monday, 22 December 2014


Thoroughbred – Stewards Inquiry – Trainer Mr Jack Cockell – SYDNEY ROCK

RWWA Stewards today conducted an inquiry into a report received from the ChemCentre in Perth that arsenic, in excess of the threshold of 0.3 mg/L in urine, was detected in the post race sample taken from SYDNEY ROCK after it won Race 2, the Wespine Maiden over 1300m at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club on Saturday, 3 May 2014.

This finding was confirmed by the National Measurement Institute in New South Wales.

Evidence was taken from the Trainer of SYDNEY ROCK, Mr Jack Cockell, RWWA Principal Investigator Mr Phil O’Reilly, ChemCentre Analyst Mr Charles Russo and RWWA Industry Veterinarian Dr Judith Medd.

Trainer Mr Jack Cockell subsequently pleaded guilty to the following charges;

Charge 1– ARR178 for bringing SYDNEY ROCK to the Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club to compete in the above race with the prohibited substance arsenic being detected in the post race urine sample taken from the gelding.

Charge 2– ARR178F for failing to keep a record of treatment with Jurocyl®, a registered therapeutic tonic injection for horses which contains sodium arsanilate, which was administered to SYDNEY ROCK several days prior to the race.

In considering penalty Stewards took into account the following factors;

The seriousness of the charge in relation to ARR178.

The nature of the substance detected being classified as a therapeutic treatment.

Mr Cockell’s unblemished record over many years as a licensed trainer.

His guilty plea, full acknowledgment of the offence and level of co-operation throughout the inquiry.

In regard to Charge 1 under ARR178, Mr Cockell was fined the sum of $2000.

For Charge 2 under ARR178F, Mr Cockell was fined the sum of $250.

Acting under the provisions of ARR177, SYDNEY ROCK was disqualified as the winner of the above race with the placings amended accordingly.

Media Contact: Brad Lewis – Chief Steward Thoroughbred Ph: 9445 5420