Thoroughbred – Stewards Inquiry – CHILLY RECEPTION (Trainer Mr Andrew Latassa)

The RWWA Stewards inquiry into the above matter was adjourned on Tuesday,11 November 2014 to allow Stewards to consider the matter in relation to penalty following Mr Latassa pleading guilty to a charge under ARR.178 with the particulars being that he, as the trainer of CHILLY RECEPTION, provided his direct and written authority for that gelding to be brought to Ascot Racecourse on Saturday, 1 November 2014 for the purposes of engaging in the above race with a level of TCO2 in excess of 36.0 millimoles per litre in plasma being detected in a pre-race blood sample taken from it. Mr Latassa also pleaded guilty to a charge under ARR.178AA(1)(b) for administering an alkalinising agent to CHILLY RECEPTION on the evening of Friday, 31 October 2014 which was within one clear day prior to it racing on the above date.

The Stewards yesterday completed their deliberations on penalty. For the offence under ARR.178, Mr Latassa was disqualified for a period of eight (8) months.

In imposing penalty, Stewards took into account the following factors:

The seriousness of the offence.

The nature of the prohibited substance, being classed as potentially performance enhancing.

The levels in this case reported by the ChemCentre as being 38.2 mmole/l.

The need for the penalty to reflect both a specific and general deterrent to prevent offences of this nature.

That Mr Latassa had no prior convictions under the rules of racing and his guilty plea.

For the offence under ARR.178AA(1)(b), Mr Latassa was fined the sum of $2,500. This matter was treated independently of the offence under ARR.178 as the administration of an alkalinising agent on the evening prior to the race did not explain the high TCO2 level recorded by CHILLY RECEPTION prior to it racing.

When determining penalty, Stewards considered the following factors:

A prior warning had been issued to Mr Latassa under official RWWA policy in relation to an elevated TCO2 level.

The seriousness of the offence.

His guilty plea and previous record.

Media Contact: Brad Lewis- Chief Steward Thoroughbred Ph: 9445 5420