RWWA Stewards today concluded the adjourned Inquiry into the reason for DELICACY (Peter Hall) improving to the inside of SILVERSTREAM (William Pike) shortly after straightening in the above race. Further evidence was taken from Jockeys’ William Pike and Peter Hall and the Trainer of both fillies, Mr Grant Williams.

The Stewards patrol vision of the race in its entirety was viewed and the previous performances of SILVERSTREAM were also reviewed.

Jockey Pike explained that it had not been his instruction or intention to lead on SILVERSTREAM, however the filly was wearing blinkers for the first time and after riding it positively from the barriers in an attempt to be positioned off the pace, it commenced very well and displayed early speed and was able to cross other runners. He added that the filly had not lead previously and this may have contributed to it laying outwards as it continued to shift ground away from the rail and race off the fence down the back straight and when making the corner from the 600m to the 400m. He further advised that SILVERSTREAM was under pressure from the 800m and felt uncomfortable during running and was leading for the first time in its career which he believed were all factors in it laying outwards. Mr Pike further explained that he was aware that SILVERSTREAM was laying outwards causing him to correct the filly on a number of occasions, particularly from the 600m in an attempt to have the filly race on the rail, however it failed to respond. He also advised that he had reported this to Mr Williams immediately following the race. He added that SILVERSTREAM had also lay outwards when racing at Ascot in the Belgravia Stakes on Saturday, 18 October 2014 and at its subsequent start at Ascot in the Burgess Queen Stakes on Saturday, 1 November 2014 it did not travel strongly when positioned between other runners.

Jockey Hall stated that he was issued with no specific instructions, but from a favourable barrier draw he anticipated being positioned on the pace. He added that it was apparent to him that SILVERSTREAM was laying outwards throughout running and that Jockey Pike was having some difficulty in keeping that filly on the fence and that he was confident that he would be able to secure a run to its inside at some stage from the 600m. He further stated that SILVERSTREAM again shifted ground on straightening and that this movement was sufficient enough for him to take a marginal run and then improve fully when SILVERSTREAM continued to shift outwards under pressure.

Trainer Mr Grant Williams confirmed that there were no specific instructions and that he and connections had anticipated both SILVERSTREAM and DELICACY being in forward positions. Mr Williams stated that SILVERSTREAM was at the end of its current preparation and that it

had shown some signs of being jarred up in the days following the race and confirmed that it would now be sent for a spell. Mr Williams also stated that he or the connections had not supported either of the fillies in the race. Mr Williams’ comments were verified from a betting analysis conducted on the race. Further, the comments made by Mr Pike to Mr Williams in relation to its racing manner on return to the mounting enclosure were confirmed by the Stewards with Mr Williams on the day of the race.

Stewards accepted the explanation of Jockey Pike that SILVERSTREAM lay outwards for the majority of the race and despite his efforts continued to shift ground and that its racing manner caused it to move further ground when already under pressure and making the corner near the 400m which resulted in DELICACY being able to make ground quickly to its inside.

The Stewards were of the opinion that the explanations put forward from all persons were entirely reasonable and fully supported by the vision from various camera angles of the race and subsequently no further action was taken.

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