Thoroughbred – Stewards’ Inquiry – Jockey Patrick Carbery (SHIP ROCK) – Belmont Wednesday, 3 June 2015

RWWA Stewards today concluded the adjourned Inquiry into Jockey Patrick Carbery’s riding and handling of SHIP ROCK in Race 3 the Crown Perth Handicap (2100m) at Belmont on Wednesday, 3 June 2015.

Mr Carbery pleaded not guilty to a charge under AR.135(b) with the particulars of the charge being as follows:

that he failed to take all reasonable and permissible measures between the 400m and the 300m where he directed SHIP ROCK outwards off the inside running rail instead of allowing it to continue to race on the rails which was both reasonable and permissible and would have allowed the mare to improve to the inside of BOLTING which was laying outwards at this stage of the race which would have given SHIP ROCK a clear and unimpeded run to the finish and after making that decision to take SHIP ROCK outwards on straightening and before placing it to the outside of BOLTING’s heels at approximately the 300m when it was both reasonable and permissible to take SHIP ROCK back to the inside of BOLTING where a clear and unimpeded run had been he continued to allow it to stride forward and improve to the outside of BOLTING’s heels thereby taking away this option which then resulted in it being continually blocked for a run for the entire length of the straight. These actions prevented SHIP ROCK from being given the best opportunity of winning or obtaining the best possible place in the field.

After considering submissions from Mr Carbery in support of his plea of not guilty, Stewards have found:

1. Both the Trainer Mr Alan Mathews and Owner Mr John Thompson, who both have vast experience in racing, had issued instructions to Mr Carbery to come off the inside running rail and get clear running to the outside on straightening and accepted Mr Carbery’s handling of SHIP ROCK in that he had been riding with these instructions in mind which may have prevented him from exercising the option to take the mare SHIP ROCK to the inside of BOLTING at the 400m.

2. Mr Carbery has been adamant throughout the Inquiry that although he would have liked to shift inwards to the inside of BOLTING at the 300m he was too far up to the outside of that gelding to safely exercise that option.

3. The betting investigation revealed no concerns from the Integrity of the way this mare had been ridden and handled by Mr Carbery. In fact SHIP ROCK had been heavily supported into favouritism.

Given all of the above Stewards accepted Mr Carbery’s plea of not guilty and rule that this was an error of judgement and given all the evidence Mr Carbery could not be held culpable and as such found him not guilty of the charge.

Mr Carbery was strongly advised that when riding in races, that someone of his experience should always exercise good initiative to fully exploit all opportunities that may arise.

Media Contact: Harold Taylor – Deputy Chief Steward Thoroughbreds Ph: 9445 5443

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