Racing and Wagering Western Australia and Perth Racing in consultation with industry participants have decided to bring forward the commencement time for Belmont and Lark Hill Trials from 9am to 8am between the months of December through to March. The revised starting time of 8am will be effective from this Monday, 19 January 2015 and will extend through to 31 March.

The decision to bring forward the starting time for trials to 8am was implemented as a horse and rider welfare initiative in order to minimise exposure to the hot conditions often experienced throughout this period and it will apply from 1 December to 31 March each year in the future.

All participants were in full support of the initiative which will allow the trials to be finalised prior to maximum temperatures being reached with the reduced exposure to maximum temperatures throughout this four month period providing considerable welfare benefits for both horses and riders.

Media Contact: Brad Lewis – Chief Steward Thoroughbred Ph: 9445 5420

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