The RWWA Board, Integrity Assurance Committee (IAC) and management have been undertaking the development of an overarching integrity strategy for the last six months. The development of this long-term strategy has reviewed internal structures, operations and Stewards functions with a view to addressing the rapidly changing needs of future integrity management.

The development of this plan included a survey of industry participants, the public and account holders against various integrity metrics to identify areas of focus. It has also included assessment of fellow Australian jurisdictions and overseas locations such as Hong Kong and Singapore. More recently the engagement of Mr John Schreck to conduct a review of thoroughbred integrity operations raised a number of recommendations in relation to the operations of the department which are currently being implemented.

These reviews contributed in identifying future strategies and structures that were required to improve the delivery and perception of integrity functions.

It has been identified from this process that the position of Principal Investigator, which was a senior position of some autonomy, was not the preferred or most effective structure to deliver our goals in relation to the delivery of integrity services to the industry.

Accordingly the position of Principal Investigator has been made redundant effective forthwith.

This change is part of broader strategies being pursued in relation to Stewards operations which are targeted towards delivering RWWA’s strategic integrity plan, which includes the use of new technologies and methods to enhance the integrity of WA Racing.

Media Contact:
Denis Borovica
General Manager Racing Integrity