Emma Stent is an impatient jockey in a hurry. So it makes the past few months intolerable for the young apprentice.

Early mornings, track work and the competitive edge and buzz of riding in races is what she is all about.

Rest, recovery, recuperation and the interminable boredom of rehabilitation is something she is definitely not.

But unfortunately for Stent, that has been her daily routine and pattern of life for the past seven months.

Stent shattered her ankle in a sickening track work accident. She has not ridden in a race since Northam last year.

Injuries and setbacks are not uncommon in racing; in fact, if anything, they are an accepted part of a riders DNA.

But for a young rider to be away for an extended period when she is striving to make her mark can be challenging.

Stent was building up a good head of steam in the saddle, riding six winners including two in the city before her accident.

Stent’s comeback is inching closer and she can see light at the end of the tunnel, but for a restless jockey it can’t come quickly enough.

“You obviously don’t want it to happen, but I never thought after seven months I would still be on the sidelines,” Stent said on TABradio.

“I would definitely be feeling a whole lot better if I was back in the saddle already, but soon enough hopefully.

“It was just a track fall and I’ve had a few of them, normally you just drop and roll, but this time I wasn’t so lucky.

“It’s taking its time to heal up, but the surgeons are saying everything is going well and just slower than what they thought.

“It’s definitely improved a lot, but sometimes in the recent colder mornings it can get a little stiff and sore.

“I’m doing rehab every day of the week and that’s helping and hopefully will speed up the process a little.

“Unfortunately I am going to miss the whole of the Kalgoorlie season, but I will continue to keep staying positive.”

A silver lining for Stent has been encouragement from the racing community, a body renowned for getting behind one of their members in challenging times.

Of particular support during her absence has been Stent’s mentor, Muchea trainer, Alan Mathews and stable jockey, Pat Carbery.

“Pat gives me a call every now and then to make sure that I am still happy,” Stent said.

“That’s been really good and it’s been great to go and see the team doing really well.”

Since commencing her apprenticeship in 2013 Stent has recorded 85 wins from 795 rides.

They include a treble at Meekatharra and her first city win on Woodsville at Belmont.

In 2014 she was crowned Kalgoorlie’s Champion Apprentice.

RWWA: Julio Santarelli