The wait is over. Injured jockey to return.


Emma Stent is impatient by nature.  So it makes the past few years intolerable for the young jockey.

Early mornings, track work and the competitiveness of race riding is what she is all about.

Rest, recovery, recuperation and the endless boredom of rehabilitation is something she is certainly not.

Unfortunately for Stent, that has been her daily routine and pattern of life for the past 2 ½ years.

Stent shattered her ankle in a track work accident and has not ridden in a race since partnering Successful Spin at Northam in 2015.

Injuries and setbacks are not uncommon in racing; in the most part they are an accepted part of a riders DNA.

But for a young rider to miss so much racing at a critical point in her career has been a physical and mental challenge.

However, there is a silver lining.  Stent has made a full recovery and after almost 1000 days, she launches her comeback at Ascot on Good Friday.

“I’m so excited,” Stent said.

“It’s been such a long time and I am a little nervous, but it is good nerves.

“I just can’t wait to get back on a horse and push on.”

Stent’s comeback had taken longer than she or her surgeon anticipated. An original diagnosis of months had stretched to years.

After several aborted attempts to resume Stent was left confronting a very real possibility that she would never ride competitively in a race again.

Following months of ineffective rehabilitation and in almost her final bid to make a full recovery, Stent embarked on ground-breaking treatment.

“The cortisone wasn’t working and I would still be left with sharp pain,” Stent said.

“The new treatment was a type of lubricant that was injected into the joint.

“It’s given me a lot more movement and I’m free of any pain.

“Because of my success they are considering using it on others.”

Stent is restless by nature, but she hopes the physical and mental struggle to overcome her injuries has given her a new perspective.

“I hope I have grown up and become a bit more mature,” Stent said.

“I feel like I have matured and opened up a bit.

“I also think I’m more patient on a horse.

“I don’t feel rushed anymore.”

Stent said throughout her rehabilitation she’s had overwhelming support from her racing peers.

“Everyone in the racing community has been terrific.

“Especially Alan Mathews and John Claite.

“They have always been there.”

Stent is set to partner the Jim Taylor-trained New Time on Friday.  The Key Business gelding returned a winner two weeks ago when leading.

“I am so grateful to Jim for giving me an opportunity,” Stent said.

“The horse is in winning form.

“It would be awesome to win.”

Julio Santarelli