The way you nominate changes on Friday


Further to our advice last week, the way you lodge nominations, scratchings, rider changes, stable returns and gear changes will change from this Friday when Western Australia joins the Racing Australia national computer system and Service Centre.

The new toll-free number to call is 1800 138 704.

All other States are already on the national system so this brings WA in line with the racing industry in the rest of the country.

What Does This Mean For Trainers

From Friday the following functions will be performed by the Racing Australia Service Centre in Melbourne, instead of RWWA staff.

  • Nominations
  • Acceptances
  • Naming of Riders
  • Scratchings
  • Gear Changes
  • Stable Returns

Trainers will then have the option of transacting with the Racing Australia Service Centre by telephone or through the online application ‘Stable Assist’. Race programming and handicapping functions will continue to be carried out by the RWWA Racing Department as it does today.

Please note that there is no change to the current nomination and acceptance processes, including the continuation of barriers being drawn at release of weights.

Service Centre Telephone
The new toll-free number to call to speak with the Service Centre is 1800 138 704 with opening hours (WA time) as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 5am to 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 4.30am to 10am

During the eastern states daylight savings period opening hours are 1 hour earlier.

Trainers will need to identify themselves with an account number and trainer code each time you contact Racing Australia to transact by telephone. Racing Australia will email these details to you directly on Wednesday. If you contact the Service Centre without quoting your trainer code you will need to answer a series of questions to identify yourself.

Late Scratchings After 10am on Weekends
The Service Centre closes at 10am on weekends. If you have a late scratching after 10am on weekends for a race meeting being conducted that day, please telephone 9445 5277 and select the option to connect you with the Stewards on duty at that meeting.

Stable Assist
Stable Assist is a web based application that allows Trainers to transact directly with Racing Australia online.  Processes such as lodgement of nominations, scratching of horses, naming of riders, making gear changes and submission of stable returns can all be done online through Stable Assist. Trainers will also be able to easily check current gear recorded against a horse online through Stable Assist.

Trainers will also be provided with a login to Stable Assist in the communication from Racing Australia on Wednesday.

Recorded Nomination Service Will Close
The 24-hour recorded nomination service will no longer be available from closing of trial nominations at 9.30am on Thursday, 28 March. Trainers will need to telephone the Racing Australia Service Centre during their opening hours to nominate by telephone. Remember the Service Centre is open from 5.00am each morning and Stable Assist can be used to lodge nominations at any time.

Faxes and Emails Will Not be Accepted
RWWA will not accept faxes and emails from 4pm on Thursday, 28 March. All nominations, stable returns and gear changes will need to be lodged through Stable Assist or via telephone to the Service Centre.

Don’t be Late!
The Service Centre has responsibility for closing nominations and acceptances for every race meeting run in Australia. To ensure efficient operation of the Service Centre, closing times are strictly adhered to and Trainers lodging nominations late will have their nominations refused. Likewise, scratchings lodged after the acceptance closing time will automatically incur a late scratching fee.

Please note RWWA Racing Department staff will have no ability to accept nominations where the closing time has been missed, even if only by a few minutes.  It is imperative you lodge your nominations and scratchings before the advertised closing time to avoid missing a race or incurring late scratching fees.

Gear Changes & Stable Returns
All gear changes and stable returns must be lodged directly with the Service Centre from Friday, either via Stable Assist or by telephone.  Again RWWA staff have no access to lodge these on your behalf.

Extended Nominations
From Friday we will discontinue sending text messages to Trainers to advise of extended nominations.  Trainers will be able to check Stable Assist, CRIS or telephone the Service Centre to check if nominations have been extended for a meeting or race.

RWWA will still advise Trainers by text message if acceptances are extended for a race.

What if I Call the RWWA Racing Department
RWWA staff will have no ability to load any racing services transactions from Friday onwards.  If you continue to contact the Racing Department you will be simply advised to telephone the Service Centre.
If you wish to speak to a Handicapper you can call the usual Racing Department number 9445 5277

Will there be Any Change to Fees?
There is no change to the current fees and charges due to our move to the national system.  However from Saturday’s race meetings onwards, the Trainers Public Liability fee of $3.85 per starter will automatically be offset against any stakes and subsidies paid to Trainer for that race meeting.

More Information
If you would like any more information on the changes we are making, please contact the Racing Department on 9445 5277 or