Following today’s article in The West Australian, Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) seeks to clarify events surrounding the discontinuation of the Thoroughbred Racing Committee (TRC).

Following the establishment of RWWA in August 2003, the RWWA Act required the Board to establish procedures for consulting with prescribed racing bodies – clubs/association of clubs and other organisations that have an interest in the racing industry (industry associations). The RWWA Board determined that the most appropriate process would be the formation of code specific Consultative Groups for greyhound, harness and thoroughbred racing. The respective code consultative groups met quarterly until 2017, when the formation of the TRC, resulted in the Thoroughbred Racing Consultative Group (TRCG) meeting bi-annually.

RWWA implemented the TRC as a further layer of governance to make recommendations to the RWWA Board on strategic matters concerning the thoroughbred code, with the same applied in harness and greyhounds. Over the past 15 months RWWA has worked with the TRC on a range of corporate and thoroughbred strategic matters.
Ongoing feedback since the establishment of the TRC was received from industry on the need for RWWA to increase the level of consultation with the Eligible Bodies via the TRCG, due to the confidential nature of items discussed at the TRC level – as a sub-committee of the RWWA Board.

In December 2018, the TRC charter was revised to focus on main strategic priorities for the thoroughbred code. At this time the TRCG Terms of Reference were also updated, with the consultative meetings to return to quarterly iterations with increased membership from each of the eligible bodies, with the exception of the WA Bookmakers, who are consulted with directly on matters relevant to them.

Further revisions to the TRC charter were made in February 2019, to focus the TRC attention on the proposed sale of the WA TAB, to further ensure that the TRCG would be actively engaged in all other thoroughbred strategic matters.

On 2 April 2019, RWWA received a letter from the Western Australian Turf Club (t/a Perth Racing) Board of Directors, advising a loss of confidence in their nominee to the TRC and as per Section 6 (Term and Termination) of the TRC Charter, the nominee was no longer eligible to represent Perth Racing on the TRC Committee, and a result withdrew their support for the incumbent nominee.

The RWWA Board resolved to support Perth Racing’s decision and consistent with Section 6 of the TRC Charter, RWWA formally terminated the nominee’s role, effective immediately. The incumbent nominee was advised of this on 3 April 2019, with the wider membership of the TRC also advised on this date.

On 4 April 2019, RWWA received advice that the remaining four members of the TRC were resigning from their positions on the committee, effective immediately, due to the proposed changes to the Charter and Perth Racing withdrawing their nominee from the TRC.

Resignations of the TRC members, has meant RWWA will not be re-establishing the sub-committee, but will instead  increase the level of consultation with the Eligible Bodies via the TRCG to include all thoroughbred strategic and corporate areas, including the proposed sale of the WA TAB.

The Thoroughbred Racing Consultative Group (TRCG) comprises of the following representatives:

  • RWWA Nominated Thoroughbred Code Director (Chair)
  • RWWA General Manager Racing (Alt Chair)
  • RWWA Manager Thoroughbred Racing
  • Metro – two nominees from Perth Racing
  • Provincial – two nominees from the Western Australian Provincial Thoroughbred Racing Association
  • Country – two nominees from the Country Racing Association
  • Owners – two nominees from the Western Australian Racehorse Owners’ Association
  • Breeders – two nominees from the Thoroughbred Breeders Western Australia
  • Trainers – two nominees from the Western Australian Racing Trainers’ Association
  • Jockeys – two nominees from the Western Australian Jockeys’ Association

The WA Bookmakers, whilst an eligible body for thoroughbred racing, do not sit on the TRCG – they are consulted with directly on matters relevant to them.