The Australian Trainers’ Association (ATA) has made a change to its management structure with the appointment of Andrew Nicholl as chief executive.

Nicholl replaces John Alducci, who will remain on as Strategy Manager.

The ATA has received public criticism in recent times from trainers, with many questioning whether the association has a visible presence and significant voice on industry matters.

Trainer Bryce Stanaway, in the infamous ‘sandwichgate’ incident at Park on July 5, raised concerns with the support that many trainers were receiving from the ATA.

Champion trainer Peter Moody, in an interview on’s Racing Ahead on RSN on Friday, said that he had walked away from the board of the ATA and was no longer a member.

Matthew Williams and Luke Oliver also publicly questioned what support trainers were receiving from the ATA.

It is understood that membership levels have dropped away dramatically in recent years, with sources saying that only 40 per cent of the trainer base is currently signed up to the ATA.

ATA Victorian President Robbie Griffiths has welcomed the appointment of Nicholl and has thanked Alducci for his contribution over a long period of time.

“John has been in the Chief Executive role for 21 years and has been a key driver in advocating additional resources be made available to ATA members,” said Griffiths in a statement.

The statememt reads that Nicholl is a strong and passionate racing person having shared in racehorse ownership.  He is an experienced businessman, having performed senior roles in the business world over 35 years.

Alducci’s new role will oversee the new security of payment model being introduced by Racing Australia to address the problem of bad debts for trainers, among other initiatives.

Nicholl will commence his role on October 1.