R3: TABtouch Westspeed Platinum Handicap (1600m)
#3 BORN TO TRY ($1.85): “They’re good races for this horse. She made a mistake herself the other day being slow out and it put her in a bad spot so he (Chris Parnham) couldn’t do a lot about it. Going back to Belmont will be a big plus for her, she obviously hasn’t lost anything changing the jockey and I’ve watched Pike lately and, it’s strange to say, but I reckon he’s actually riding better now he’s had them couple of spins over here. I think he’s the ultimate jockey now, Pikey.”

R9: Heineken 3 Handicap (1300m)
#4 ABERDEEN QUEEN ($10): “I didn’t think it was a bad win because it wasn’t a race for her in the sense of the weight, the distance and where she was going to get. Sometimes when they overcome the wins like that, they’re not too bad and at her best she’s a nice horse. She’ll get back and she also likes bigger tracks, that’s why she went to Northam to have a crack before Belmont started. She’s been aimed at the winter time and the breed go through the wet going so if it’s not tomorrow, I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t win two or three races this campaign.”


R2: Vale Jimmy Gallagher Plate (1000m)
#10 FOREVER DREAMING ($11): “She’s a lovely filly and quite promising. Tomorrow unfortunately she’s drawn the outside barrier which is certainly not to her advantage, but we had to put her in because it’s the only 1000-metre race for two-year-olds around so we were stuck with it. She’ll run a good race, it depends on what sort of run she gets and if she gets trapped wide and has to do it hard then I suppose the horses that have raced and are fitter have the edge on her.”

R4: Glenroy Chaff Handicap (1600m)
#10 THE VERDICT ($9.00): “She’s done everything right since she last raced. She’s worked well, eating well and she still looks a picture so, it’s pretty hard to win four-straight, but it can happen so we’re hoping she’ll do well tomorrow. She’s a very promising filly. She gets out and does the work in front and she can always show a bit of fight at the finish, too.”

R7: Crown Perth Handicap (1600m):
#9 BILLY AIN’T SILLY ($2.45): “He’s got a good alley. We want to try him over the 1600, we believe he certainly can run it. It depends on what sort of a run he gets but if he can get to the front and lead reasonably early and get a nice run in front, he’ll take some beating. In the Belmont Guineas he’ll come back to his own age group there and set weights so he’ll go into the Guineas well-placed and well-weighted.”


R2: Vale Jimmy Gallagher Plate (1000m)
#2 ACEFIRE ($23): “He did a lot of work leading into his trial. He was actually scheduled to trial over 1000 then they switched all the unraced horses and the two-year-olds into the 600, just so they could have two trials. I was really happy with the way he came through the trial so I elected to nominate. He’s drawn a really good gate and had he drawn wide I probably wouldn’t have come but he’s drawn a really good gate and with Madi Derrick aboard I think he’ll run a really cheeky race.”

R8: SKY Racing TV Provincial Championship Final (1400m)
#5 DARK ASSAULT ($4.40): “It was a heavy-8 last start with Dark Assault and it was a big test for him going into a 1500 open-class race and he was collared by Kazkazi who has won five down here this season and he only carried 54 kilos. With a pull in the weights had he not had so much weight, it was probably just a test for this race and I was really happy with the way he came through. He handled the heavy track so I’m not really worried about any rain.”

R8: SKY Racing TV Provincial Championship Final (1400m)
#6 KENDEL’S MEE DAD ($14): “He likes the give in the track. He’s got Shaun O’Donnell aboard who can be very tricky in these sorts of races and he’s a very good rider. He’ll suit him, he’ll get back and will be hitting the line really hard but we’re pretty confident Dark Assault can get the job done.” 


R4: Glenroy Chaff Handicap (1600m):
#9 SAN CRISPINO ($26): “She’s trying really hard. We keep telling her she’s going to be retired and, every time we tell her, she seems to come up a notch. She’s always around the place and she loves the rain. If the rain comes she can go the same pace whereas some of the others go a bit slower, I think.”

R8: SKY Racing TV Provincial Championship Final (1400m)
#7 TIFF HAS SPOKEN ($5.00): “This is a beautiful race for him. I’ve set him for this so hopefully it comes to plan. He was pretty fit and he pulled up really good, it didn’t worry him. He didn’t have a hard run but he’s done really well and his work is really good so I think he’ll be right there.”

R8: SKY Racing TV Provincial Championship Final (1400m)
#14 CRISTAL DANE ($34): “Not much luck for her but if there’s some good pace on and the weather comes, that’ll suit her. She needs good pace because she gets a bit toey early and she can get home really good. I wouldn’t think she’d be beating Tiff but on her day she can run good.”


R5: CTS Low Loaders Handicap (1200m)
#3 UNIVERSAL PLEASURE ($6.00): “She’s done well. She’s put the weight back on that she lost over those few runs and she’s back up to fitness now and ready to rock and roll. She was probably ready to race two weeks ago but just given that she’s up in grade now, I just wanted to give her a couple of extra gallops to make sure that fitness is needed up against the better ones is there. She only had three weeks in the paddock, so it’s not like she had long off… She definitely handles the wet, so I don’t think it matters at all.”


R5: CTS Low Loaders Handicap (1200m)  [also E1 in R8: SKY Racing TV Provincial Championship Final (1400m)]
#12 LUCKY LINDA LULU ($26): “On her last run (she’s a chance), for sure, and she’s got a better barrier. She’s getting a bit old now, but I think she’s still got one in her and they’re good races to win — as I know — so I’m hoping I do get in. It’s tough both ways but hopefully she can run a good race for us.”

R7: Crown Perth Handicap (1600m):
#3 MRS BROWN’S BOY ($14): “I think we need to go forward and just let him roll, that seems to be better. We went back last time and it’s just not suiting him. Hopefully Al (Kennedy) will just go forward tomorrow and we’ll see how we go. Hopefully the change of tracks is going to give him a little bit more of a chance.”

R9: Heineken 3 Handicap (1300m):
#8 PRIZED NEMESIS ($23): “He’s a very quirky horse as a lot of people know. He’s in a really good mindset at the moment. I know it’s a tough assignment tomorrow but I think, and even Alan Kennedy said the same, he’s probably improved again. Alan had a couple choices in that race tomorrow and has was tossing which way to go, so he’s gone with us which I’m happy about because he’s not an easy horse to ride.”