The future of Western Australian racing will be on display as the state’s brightest young riders compete in the Touchstone Farm ‘Rising Stars’ Apprentice series.

The Leading Apprentice at each meeting will be wearing the Rising Stars logo and colours: red jacket, black sleeves, white armband with red cap and black stars.

Belmont’s Birthday Stakes meeting on Saturday will launch the series before concluding on Melbourne Cup day at Ascot, Bunbury and Geraldton.

Each apprentice who rides a minimum of one race at any of the club fixtures will receive points according to their claim at that respective meeting.

4kg claim: 4 points

3kg claim: 3 points

2kg claim: 2 points

1.5kg claim: 1 point

Further points are allocated for wins and placings.

Win: 7 points

2nd: 2 points

3rd: 1 point


Oct 3: Belmont                                  Oct 18: Bunbury

Oct 4: Leonora                                   Oct 21: Ascot

Oct 4: Northam                                 Oct 22: Geraldton

Oct 7: Belmont                                  Oct 24: Ascot

Oct 8: Northam                                 Oct 24: Collie

Oct 10: Belmont                                Oct 25: Northam

Oct 10: Laverton                               Oct 28: Ascot

Oct 10: Moora                                   Oct 29: Northam

Oct: 11 Geraldton                            Oct 31: Ascot

Oct14: Northam                                Nov 01: Albany

Oct 16: York                                        Nov 03: Ascot

Oct 17: Ascot                                      Nov 03: Bunbury

Oct 17: Leinster                                 Nov 03: Geraldton