Blue Team’ Jockeys Trackwork Protocols

As the current restrictions pertaining to the continuation of racing are likely to continue for an extended period of time, effective from Tuesday 21 April 2020 jockeys in the ‘Blue Team’ will be provided access to participate in limited track work under strict bio-security measures, to enable them to maintain their fitness and weight.

To ensure current measures of isolation and quarantine of this group is maintained, the following protocols will apply with respect to members of the blue team participating in track work:

  • Attendance to track work will be restricted to only Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Ascot and Lark Hill between 5.30am and 7.00am.
  • Jockeys will not otherwise ride any track work at other facilities including private facilities.
  • A Designated Restricted Area (DRA) will be identified and approved by the Stewards at each venue, which shall not be accessible to any other persons during the prescribed times.
  • When arriving and departing, jockeys will maintain complete separation from all other persons and will proceed directly to the DRA and remain at all times in that area between rides. Strict social distancing compliance is to be observed at all times.
  • Jockeys are not to enter or use any shared or other facilities used by other persons at that time.
  • Any person entering the DRA or having contact with these jockeys may be required to undertake a temperature test prior to entry. Normal protocols to apply.
  • Horses will be brought to the DRA where they will be legged-up by the attending official and returned post-work where the jockey will dismount.
  • The person presenting the horse is to have no face-to-face or direct contact with the jockey with any instructions to be delivered observing required social distancing measures (i.e. minimum distance of 1.5m away prior to the Jockey being legged-on so that once legged on they immediately depart, thus minimising contact).
  • Once legged on the jockey is to immediately proceed to conduct the track work.
  • Jockeys are to depart directly as soon as they have completed their track work duties or no later than 7.00am.
  • A RWWA Steward or other official will be present to ensure strict compliance with the above and conduct required temperature testing.

The jockey segregation is an important risk mitigation measure so that in the event one of the jockeys is impacted directly or indirectly, not all jockeys will be required to isolate. Members of the ‘Blue Team’ include:

  • Joseph Azzopardi
  • Christopher Graham
  • Peter Hall
  • Paul Harvey
  • Ryan Hill
  • Clint Johnston-Porter
  • Shaun McGruddy
  • Jarrad Noske
  • Brad Parnham
  • Chris Parnham
  • Steven Parnham
  • Mitchell Pateman
  • William Pike
  • Jason Whiting

 Eligibility for Thoroughbred Trials Update

Following further consultation with trainers, the following horses will now be eligible to trial:

  • Horses that have not raced or trialled within the last 6-weeks.
  • Horses ridden by non-permit apprentices or an apprentice having less than 50 race rides.
  • Horses not eligible to trial will again be able to nominate on payment of a $110 penalty fee (including GST) additional to the usual trial fee.

Please note that trials will still continue to be run in two sessions with a 90 minute break between sessions.