The WA Government has recently issued new Directions, which are legally binding and provide further clarity regarding the public health measures required for the racing industry from 31 January 2022. As previously stated, these public health measures take precedence over RWWA’s new local rule of racing for vaccination, which comes into effect on 5 February 2022.

Based on the Directions, please see an update below regarding proof of vaccination requirements for the WA racing community:

Proof of vaccination from 31 January until 4 February:

  • Proof of vaccination with be required for all race meetings where there are likely to be more than 500 patrons. These are not considered to be excluded events as they are not entirely confined to an outdoor space. This requirement will therefore apply to the following race meeting:
    • Friday, 4 February – Gloucester Park
  • As it is not reasonably practicable for race clubs outside of the Perth/Peel area to apply temporary segregation arrangements for only a short period of time, proof of vaccination will be required by all persons attending the following race meetings:
    • Thursday, 3 February – Geraldton
    • Friday, 4 February – Albany (Harness) and Esperance
  • For race meetings where the above does not apply, proof of vaccination will only be required to access patron areas with the current arrangements at metropolitan venues to continue until 5 February 2022, at which time RWWA’s new local rule requiring proof of vaccination takes effect. This will apply to the following race meetings:
    • Monday, 31 January – Pinjarra (Harness) and Cannington
    • Tuesday, 1 February – Gloucester Park and Mandurah
    • Wednesday, 2 February – Belmont Park and Cannington
    • Thursday, 3 February – Mandurah
    • Friday, 4 February – Mandurah

Proof of vaccination from 5 February:

Please note RWWA’s Local Rule Vaccination will come into effect on 5 February 2022, which requires all participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Individuals must comply with this rule in order to undertake any activities requiring a licence.

Participants are required to upload their proof of vaccination via CredShare or via the Licensing and Registration mobile number, further details here. Participants may also be required to show proof of vaccination when entering a racetrack or upon request from RWWA Stewards undertaking vaccination checks. Further information regarding the new local rule is available here.

As previously advised, we encourage you to keep up to date with the WA Government advice given the situation with COVID-19 and vaccination requirements continues to change and evolve, visit: