WA’s Safe Transition Plan (1000+ events)

As part of WA’s Safe Transition Plan to safely ease border controls from 12:01am on Saturday 5 February 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for anyone attending a large event (1000+), including industry participants.

Therefore, anyone attending a race meeting from 5 February 2022, where there is an attendance of 1000+, will be required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination.

Further information regarding WA’s Safe Transition Plan can be found here.

Race Club Hospitality Staff

As part of the WA Government’s mandatory vaccination policy, all workers employed for hospitality operations at race clubs will be required to be double-dose vaccinated and show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, by 1 February 2022.

Under the Critical Businesses Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions, race clubs are captured as ‘critical hospitality premises’, whether licensed or unlicensed and regardless of whether consumption is on site or only takeaway meals are offered.

Unless the person is present at the premises solely in a capacity other than as a critical business worker or is an exempt person, the Directions require all workers employed in the hospitality aspects of a race club to be:

  • First dose vaccinated against COVID-19 by 12.01am, 1 January 2022.
  • Second dose against COVID-19 by 12.01am, 1 February 2022.

A critical business worker is defined as:

  • A person who is employed or otherwise engaged, including in a voluntary or unpaid capacity to carry out activities or provide goods or services.
  • A person who is an apprentice or cadet or trainee or on work experience or a placement.
  • A person who is the owner, occupier, operator or person apparently in charge of a critical business site.

The Critical Businesses Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions can be found here.

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We have all worked together to safeguard the continuation of racing throughout the pandemic.

Now let’s continue to protect racing and the wider community, by rolling up our sleeves and getting vaccinated.

For more information on getting vaccinated and to book an appointment visit: www.rollup.wa.gov.au