The State Government recently announced WA’s Safe Transition Plan, which outlines Western Australia’s transition and easing of border controls, with a vaccination target of 90 per cent of people aged 12 and over.

The State Government will set a date for the easing of border controls after the State reaches 80 per cent double dose vaccination, a target expected to be reached in December. The date is expected to be set for late-January or early February and once it is set it will be locked in.

As part of baseline public health measures to be implemented when WA transitions, proof of vaccination will be required for anyone attending a large event (1000+), including staff and industry participants.

Therefore, anyone attending a race meeting where there is an attendance of 1000+, will be required to be double dose vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination when WA transitions.

Further information regarding WA’s Safe Transition Plan can be found here.

We have all worked together to safeguard the continuation of racing throughout the pandemic.

Now let’s continue to protect racing and the wider community, by rolling up our sleeves and getting vaccinated.

We are all in this together.

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