Warning To Trainers


WARTA have recently become aware of several positive findings in both preliminary and B swab samples to Flunixin, in excess of the screening limits for both plasma and urine in horses racing in WA. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in a number of these cases medications containing flunixin, have been administered outside of the accepted withholding periods.  As such trainers may be at risk of penalty regardless of following established procedure.

As such WARTA advise trainers to cease the use of products containing flunixin, other than for the purpose of treating acute injury or disease and only at direction of your veterinarian. RWWA investigations may be able to establish an anomaly in either product or detection procedures in due course and WARTA will attempt to gather all relevant information as it comes to hand.

In the interim trainers should take close note of products containing Flunixin, brand names including: Finadyne Solution, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health; Flumav, Mavlab; Ilium Flunixil, Troy Laboratories and Flunix, Bomac, and consult your veterinarian prior to their use, being aware of the possibility of protracted retention and excretion times and therefore the detectability in racing animals.

WARTA committee.