Dear Trainers

The WA racing trainers association committee (WARTA) would like to remind you that the upcoming WA state election, stands to be a watershed moment for the future of the WA TAB and the industry as a whole, and as such is incumbent on all of us to be aware of the issues surrounding privatisation as we go forward into the next parliamentary period.

The West Australian racing industry representative group(WARRG) with the unanimous endorsement of the TRCG of which WARTA is a member, has arrived at a position with regard to the potential privatisation of the WA TAB. To that end the WARRG has spent considerable time briefing the leaders, ministers and shadow ministers, and relevant local candidates from both major parties, which until the release of the position statement was necessarily confidential in nature. In short that the WA Racing Industry supports the potential for the privatisation of the TAB on the premise that it is left ‘no worse off’ as a result and that there is a commitment from government to see the industry into a period of sustained growth. This position statement is attached for your consideration.

To date the WA National party has been the only player in the upcoming election to release an actual policy encompassing privatisation and our industry’s future, to which they can be held to account. This can be viewed at .

We note that the WA Nationals Racing Policy, fully supports the WA Racing Industry’s position. To date, neither the Liberal or Labor Party have come out with an official position on racing or made any promises to support and stimulate the Racing Industry should they win the March 11 election.  

With the election only a matter of a week away, it’s unlikely either the Barnett government or the opposition intends releasing any statement or official policy in the next day or two, leaving the WA racing industry in a state of apprehension going forward.

Please take the time to consider the position statement undertaken by the WARRG on your behalf, and familiarise yourself with the only official policy on racing from a major Western Australian political party, feel free to forward this email and its contents to any industry participants or interested party you are in contact with.

Racing Towards the 2017 State Election…”The Racing Industry’s position (PDF)




Warwick Bradshaw
Acting Executive Officer
WA Racing Trainers Association.