Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) is pleased to announce that a dual Jockey/Trainer licence will become available in Western Australia from 1 August 2017.

“RWWA is strongly committed to the welfare of its participants and is always supportive of any new initiatives that promote the welfare and integrity of the industry in the interests of its long term viability,” said General Manager Racing Integrity Denis Borovica.

“In support of this commitment, RWWA is pleased to support the request of the Western Australian Jockeys Association (WAJA) to create a new category of licence for Jockeys, in the interests of Jockey welfare, by providing a pathway for riders to transition from riding to other fields within the industry.”

RWWA has recognised that it is important for Jockeys to be afforded opportunities to transition into other areas of the industry. Therefore, the new dual Jockey/Trainer licence will provide Jockeys with an opportunity to transition their career into the training of horses.

“Such licence is designed on the principle of being a transitional rather than permanent category of licence in order to assist riders who may for reasons of weight, opportunity or otherwise be wishing to move from riding to training. Providing this option is seen to be advantageous to Jockey welfare,” said General Manager Racing Integrity Denis Borovica.

The development of this licence and the applicable criteria’s and rules involved extensive consultation with the WAJA and other industry stakeholders, to ensure that appropriate integrity controls were in place. These included;

  • Stewards would be entitled to be first satisfied that the applicant has a legitimate intention of transitioning from a Jockey to a Trainer prior to approving any applicant for such licence.
  •  The licence is to be restricted to a maximum of five horses in training.
  • The licence is to be subject to a maximum time of five years and to be reviewed after three years.
  • The licence is to be open only to Jockeys who have held a Jockeys licence for a minimum of two years immediately prior to 1 August 2017.
  • In order to maintain a dual licence, the Jockey must ride, as a minimum, in 24 races per season/year.
  • A dual licensed Jockey riding at any meeting must appoint a delegate for any horses that they are training, and cannot be involved as trainer on the race course until such time as they have concluded all riding commitments. Thereafter once they vacate the Jockey’s room they cannot return to that area.

WAJA President Mr Craig Staples has been extensively involved in achieving this outcome for Western Australian Jockeys and has welcomed this initiative.
Application forms will be available through the RWWA website in advance of the new season for interested riders to take advantage of the new category of licence as from the start of the new 2017/18 season.
Denis Borovica
General Manager Racing Integrity