Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) has released the list of Westspeed Platinum Stallions for the upcoming thoroughbred breeding season. While horses by Westspeed Platinum sires in the upcoming breeding season are of course eligible for the lucrative additional bonuses, EPONA credits may also be redeemed for service fees to these stallions.

In late 2019, RWWA announced an investment of an additional $6.8 million in funding through its Westspeed and EPONA initiatives, to boost the thoroughbred breeding industry from FY21 to FY23.

RWWA brought the initiative forward to support the breeding environment following COVID-19, with fillies and mares accumulating credits from 1 August 2019 available to be redeemed from the 2020 breeding season, to use towards Westspeed Platinum Stallion service fees for their first two seasons at a stud or three years – whichever is the lesser.

The list of Westspeed Platinum Stallions for the upcoming breeding season:

A LOT (USA) Willaview Park
ALL AMERICAN Geisel Park Stud
AWESOME ROCK Goldfront Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing
BONDI Lynward Park Stud
BRADBURY’S LUCK Yarradale Stud
DASH FOR CASH Scenic Lodge
DUCIMUS Rivercrest Park
I’M ALL THE TALK Darling View Thoroughbreds
JIMMY CHOUX (NZ) Roselee Park
KINGS TROOP Oakland Park Stud
LEONARDO DA HINCHI Goldfront Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing
LONG LEAF Rangeview Stud
LUCKY STREET Darling View Thoroughbreds
MAHUTA Lynward Park Stud
MASCHINO Alwyn Park Stud
MY ADMIRATION Westbury Park Stud
ORATORIO Willaview Park
PATRONIZE Darling View Thoroughbreds
PLAYING GOD Darling View Thoroughbreds
PROART Balmoral Park
ROMMEL Mogumber Park
SAFEGUARD Mogumber Park
SESSIONS Oakland Park Stud
SLATER Goldfront Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing
VERT DE GRECE (IRE) Geisel Park Stud
VITAL EQUINE (IRE) Yarradale Stud
WAR CHANT Yarradale Stud

In 2020, there were 415 yearlings nominated for Westspeed Platinum who will begin their racing careers from October this year. These horses will be the first to benefit from the additional Westspeed Platinum bonuses available throughout their career.

From the two-years-old crop commencing their racing careers in FY21, the following enhancements will be implemented to the Westspeed scheme:

  • Additional bonuses paid to second and third place for races with $25,000 and over in prizemoney (Tier 1 and 2)
  • Westspeed Platinum four-year-old horses (who paid up for the 4YO extension) to receive a 50% bonus for all races under 1750m (currently bonuses are only paid for races of 1750m or further and for a horses first win in races less than 1750m.).
  • Breeders to receive an additional $2,000 Perth Magic Millions Sales credit for Platinum winners in races with $50,000 and over in prizemoney (Tier 1)
  • Bonuses introduced for Westspeed Platinum horses for races with under $50,000 in prizemoney (Tier 2, 3 and 4)
Westspeed Standard 2YO 3YO 4YO <1750m
(50% bonus)
4YO >=1750m
Breeder Owner Breeder Owner Breeder Owner Breeder Owner
Tier 1 $5,500 $16,500 $5,500 $16,500 First win consolation
bonus continues to apply
$5,500 $16,500
Tier 2 $2,750 $8,250 $2,750 $8,250 $2,750 $8,250
Tier 3 $1,400 $4,150 $1,400 $4,150 $1,400 $4,150
Tier 4 $700 $2,100 $700 $2,100 $700 $2,100
Westspeed Platinum 2YO 3YO 4YO <1750m
(50% bonus)
4YO >=1750m
Breeder Owner Breeder Owner Breeder Owner Breeder Owner
Tier 1 $7,700 $33,000 $7,700 $33,000 $3,850 $16,500 $7,700 $33,000
Tier 2 $2,750 $16,500 $2,750 $16,500 $1,375 $8,250 $2,750 $16,500
Tier 3 $1,400 $8,300 $1,400 $8,300 $700 $4,150 $1,400 $8,300
Tier 4 $700 $4,200 $700 $4,200 $350 $2,100 $700 $4,200
Tiers 1 & 2 2nd Place +20% of base amount above to Owner portion only
Tiers 1 & 2 3rd Place +10% of base amount above to Owner portion only

The $6.8 million also includes incremental funding over the three seasons toward RWWA’s EPONA Platinum credit system for fillies and mares.

Full details are available at