Williams Wants NSW Supremo


Powerful Victorian owner Lloyd Williams has a simple solution to stop Racing NSW encroaching on Victoria’s spring turf.Williams suggests the Racing Victoria board do what it takes to get John Messara and Peter V’Landys down to run racing in the state.

Williams told RSN he was a big fan of the way the former Racing NSW chairman Messara and the current chief executive V’Landys went about their task of improving racing in the northern state.

Williams said the current Victorian administration would do well to adopt a similar approach to their northern counterparts.

“If it was like soccer and there was transfer fees…what I’d like is John Messara to come down and run racing with Peter V’Landys,” Williams said.

“Look at the way they stand up for it (racing). I don’t see anyone standing up down here. They (NSW) are going to keep taking a little bit away from us if we don’t start standing up.

“I love Melbourne and I love Victoria. John (Messara) is retired now but V’Landys is out there.

“I don’t even know Peter V’Landys, never met him in my life but I watch what he does.”

Peter V’landys with The Everest trophy and jockeys Hugh Bowman and Kerrin McEvoy. Photo: Steve Hart

Williams said the first thing RV must do is to declare their public support for its integrity department, led by the outgoing manager Dayle Brown and chief steward Terry Bailey.

The six-time Melbourne Cup-winning owner and former racing administrator was critical of the lack of public support for the pair from Racing Victoria officials.

“The first thing the chief executive would do is to stand up and say, ‘I totally support integrity and I support the people I have got in place’,” Williams said.“If you haven’t got great integrity here, and supported by the board and the chief executive, you haven’t got racing.

“The quicker they do that the better and I haven’t seen it yet. I’m saying it for them. But that’s what they need to do.”